Hebrew College’s motto — “Jewish learning and leadership for a pluralistic world” — aptly captures our dual purpose: to educate youth, adults and aspiring professionals for a life of both deep Jewish intellectual engagement and 
communal responsibility.

We prepare our students to apply Jewish 
knowledge and wisdom to the challenges of living in a complex and diverse society that abounds with freedom of choice.

The individuals graduating from Hebrew College’s various schools and programs have been nourished in an environment that recognizes the need for Jewish learning to draw upon the rich resources of our distinctive culture and traditions. At the same time, Hebrew College is not an ivory tower interested solely in scholarly pursuits. Nurturing leaders who will bring compelling Jewish content into the center of communal life is a 
critical component of our institutional vision.

Teenagers, adult learners, Jewish educators, scholars, rabbis, and cantors 
graduate from Hebrew College with the academic tools to explore the 
intricate — sometimes even contradictory — pathways of Jewish civilization, ancient and modern. In addition, they have been inspired to lead others 
along the winding path of Jewish life, illuminating the way with knowledge, 
commitment, and humility.

We are proud of our graduates as they take their places as advanced learners, 
innovative teachers, and dedicated leaders. The multiple voices they have 
encountered in texts, in teachers, and in dialogue with each other will enable them to contribute to the enhancement of Jewish life, here in North America, in Israel, and throughout the world.

For information, contact the Office of the President at 617.559.8600.