Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2019: Sept. 9-Dec. 20

Sept. 2Labor DayCampus closed

Sept. 9Hakhel (9 a.m.)
Sept. 9First day of fall classes
Sept. 16Add/Drop period ends
Sept. 29Erev Rosh HashanahCampus closes at 1pm
Sept. 30-October 1Rosh HashanahCampus closed
Oct. 2-8No classes: Rosh Hashanah through Yom KippurCampus open
Oct. 8Erev Yom KippurCampus closes at 1 PM
Oct. 9Yom KippurCampus closed
Oct. 13Erev SukkotCampus closes at 1 PM
Oct. 14-15SukkotCampus closed
Oct. 16Monday morning classes held/Wednesday afternoon classes held
Oct. 17Tuesday Classes held
Oct. 18Monday afternoon classes held
Oct. 20Erev Shmini AtzeretCampus closes at 1 PM
Oct. 21-22Shmini Atzeret/ Simchat TorahCampus closed
Nov. 18-19Ta Sh'ma Ordination Open House & Day of Learning
Nov. 27Day before ThanksgivingCampus closes at 1 PM
Nov. 28-29Thanksgiving HolidayCampus closed
Dec. 20Last day of fall classesCampus open
Dec. 22Hanukkah begins
Dec. 24Winter Break beginsCampus closes at 1 PM
Dec. 25-Jan. 1. 2020Winter breakCampus Closed

Spring Semester 2020: Feb. 3-May 15

Jan. 2Campus Reopens
Jan. 20Martin Luther King Jr., DayCampus closed
Jan. 21-24Seminar on Pluralism for Mekorot

Introduction to Christianity Seminar for Shanah Aleph

History and Practice of Islam Seminar for Shanah Bet
Jan. 27- 28Rabbinical School Winter Seminar
Feb. 3 First day of spring classes
Feb. 10Add/drop period ends
Feb. 17President's DayCampus closed
Feb. 26Yom Iyyun-Rosh Chodesh Adar
March 9Erev PurimCampus closes at 5 PM
March 10PurimCampus closed
March 26Yom Iyyun-Rosh Chodesh Nisan
April 8Erev Pesach; no classesCampus closes at 1 PM
April 9-10Pesach; no classesCampus closed
April 13No classes Campus open
April 14Erev end of Pesach; no classesCampus closes at 1 PM
April 15-16 Last two days of PesachCampus closed
April 17No classesCampus closed
April 21Yom HaShoah
April 28Yom HaZikaron
April 29Yom Iyyun - Yom HaAtzma'ut half day campus-wide day of learning
May 15Last day of spring classes
May 22Yom Yerushalayim
May 25Memorial DayCampus closed
May 28Erev ShavuotCampus closes at 1 PM
May 29-30ShavuotCampus closed
June 4Project/Thesis Presentation Day
June 7Graduation & Ordination

Summer 2020: June 9-Aug. 21

June 9-July 31Prayer Leader Summer Institute
June 15First day of summer classes
July 4Fourth of July HolidayCampus closed
July 29Erev Tish'a B'avCampus closes at 1 PM
July 30Tish'a B'avCampus closed
Aug. 21Last day of summer classes
Aug. 30-Sept. 4Rabbinical School Elul Minimester and Orientation
Aug. 30-Sept. 4COSEL Elul Mimimester and Orientation
Sept. 2-3Jewish Education and Jewish Studies Orientation
Sept. 7Labor DayCampus closed