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Graduate Leadership Programs

The world needs courageous, knowledgeable and authentic Jewish leaders now more than ever. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or to change careers, Hebrew College’s graduate leadership programs can help you find your voice in Jewish tradition, and gain the knowledge and skills to serve the Jewish people and help heal a fractured world.

Graduate Leadership Degrees

Hebrew College offers a wide range of graduate degree programs to prepare you for or advance your career in Jewish leadership. Our graduate degree programs include:


A Career with Meaning

Whether you are just starting out or looking for a career change, Rabbi Dan Judson offers advice on the importance of choosing a career that feels useful and brings you meaning. Download his article for yourself or pass it on to family, friends and colleagues who may be exploring different career options.

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Pluralism in the Classroom

We believe that the best learning happens when students of diverse ages, backgrounds and beliefs leadership come together to learn. Our students, some recent graduates, others with experience in Jewish communal and educational institutions, still others preparing for a second career in Jewish leadership, find this diversity to be one of the most enriching elements of their Hebrew College education — the chance to learn from others’ varied world views and experiences as they jointly grapple with Jewish texts and concepts.

Within many of our graduate leadership degree programs, this stimulating and nourishing conversation is enhanced by the pairing of traditional classroom instruction with guided text study in on-campus and online courses, and in our on-campus Beit Midrash (House of Study) where students – supported by faculty mentors – explore and debate with a study partner following the classical model of Jewish text study.


Hebrew is a cornerstone of our degree programs and certificates. The college offers a range of Hebrew language courses, from beginner through advanced. Most classes are taught in English, though some advanced Hebrew language classes are taught solely in Hebrew. Since Hebrew requirements vary by program, students take a Hebrew language placement test as needed to facilitate matching them with the appropriate level of instruction.

Tyler Dratch, Rabbinical Student

Pluralism opens the door to a more interesting Jewish conversations because it forces you to think about what you believe to be true and to stand up for it, to become a better listener, and to ask hard and sometimes uncomfortable questions. These are the skills we need to lead and live in today’s changing Jewish communities.


Our faculty are the backbone of the Hebrew College community. They come from diverse Jewish backgrounds, traditions, and spiritual practices. They are scholars, mentors, spiritual leaders, musicians, community organizers, social justice advocates and entrepreneurs – but most importantly, they are educators, committed to guiding students toward their chosen goals.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the faculty through their dedication… about how much work it takes and what you owe your students. It takes the dedication of visiting your students in the hospital or schlepping three hours with a young family to the shiva house of a parent of a classmate. Watching the teachers provide that kind of care has been really beneficial in developing my own sense of what I owe people and community and students.

– Joey Glick, Rabbinical student

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Our Alumni

For nearly 100 years, Hebrew College has been educating Jewish leaders to serve the Jewish community and world. As a graduate of Hebrew College, not only will you learn to engage Jewish tradition with honesty and authenticity, you will also gain a strong foundation in classical Jewish studies and learn the skills necessary to address the complexities of contemporary Jewish life; all while becoming a part of our robust and dedicated student and alumni community. We have rabbis, cantors, and educators serving around the country and across the world. They have positions in affiliated and unaffiliated congregations, Hillel centers, caring facilities as chaplains, educational institutions, and social justice organizations to name just a few of the possible job placements. Learn more about Hebrew College alumni around the world and the lifelong professional community you could join.