Rabbinical Ordination

To become a rabbi, one must acquire knowledge and develop skills. But more fundamentally, one must engage in an ongoing process of deepening relationships – to oneself, to Jewish tradition, to each other. The essential question to ask, as you approach the threshold of spiritual leadership, is how do you need to grow, how do you need to deepen in these relationships so you can serve more fully. In our program, we pursue this question together, in all its manifestations, with honesty and love.

Rabbi Daniel Klein, Associate Dean of Admissions, Rabbinical School of Hebrew College

At the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College, we are looking for students who have an unquenchable thirst to learn from the wisdom of Jewish tradition, a drive to fashion an authentic personal relationship to Judaism, a passion to engage with people, practices and ideas from across the Jewish spectrum, and a commitment to serve the Jewish people.

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Rabbi Daniel Klein
Director of Admissions