Hebrew Language Ulpan: Intensive Hebrew On Campus

UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all Hebrew College Community Learning classes are now being offered online. For questions, please contact Anna Katsevman.

Hebrew College’s Ulpan, an integral part of the College’s Community Learning programs, teaches students from all levels to master conversational Hebrew through the lens of Israeli culture. We also offer Graduate Level Hebrew courses through the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College.

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  • time Adults, college & high school students (non-credit only)
  • location Hebrew College Campus
  • duration Semester (fall, spring, summer)
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The Hebrew College Ulpan program uses the immersion method and is a full-language program that teaches grammar, reading comprehension and conversation skills. Through discussion of contemporary political, social and cultural topics and through readings drawn from current Israeli news and social commentary, Ulpan brings Hebrew to life. Ulpan is offered on campus through ten levels of study including beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Under special circumstances, college students, as well as high school students, are invited to take Ulpan classes for a grade (please see details below).

Taking Ulpan for a Grade

Note: College credit not available
Ulpan is open to high school and college students interested in mastering modern Hebrew language. To take Ulpan for a grade, please contact the Director of Ulpan in Hebrew College’s Department of Community Learning. Please note that there is an extra fee and additional course requirements associated with a course for which a student will receive a grade. Upon completion of the course, students may request a transcript from the Department of Community Learning to submit to higher education institutions and/or high schools for consideration.

Hebrew College Ulpan Student Wins International Hebrew Writing Contest

The international form for Hebrew learner around the world held a writing contest at the end of 2018. In this contest students of all levels have submitted their writing. Awards were given based on Hebrew level. Students who reached the final level were chosen for their creativity, topic and knowledge of Hebrew. Hebrew College Ulpan student Ellie Smith has reached the highest level of the contest. Read Ellie’s story [PDF]

I have always enjoyed a challenge, and this contest seemed like a formidable one.  I enjoyed the process of translating my story into Hebrew, and felt a great sense of accomplishment when I did it.  It made me very proud to know that all I had learned over the years in ulpan at Hebrew College resulted in my ability to think and write like an Israeli.  It was like the frosting on the cake.   Entering the contest was a way to challenge my Hebrew skills, and the results were quite gratifying.  I thank Hebrew College for affording me the opportunity to reach this stage of intellectual accomplishment.   I have been given skills that have enriched my life.

– Ellie Smith, Hebrew College Ulpan Student and Contest Winner

Let Us Help You Find the Right Skill Level

Courses are offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Consult with our director of Hebrew language, Iris Schor, to determine which level is right for you.

Beginner (Levels 1A to 3B)

Designed for those with little or no prior knowledge of Hebrew. Classes are taught almost entirely in Hebrew, and students are encouraged and expected to speak the language in class. Vocabulary consists of about 250 new words each semester.

I really appreciated the instructor’s enthusiasm. She made every class fun, set clear expectations and respected each person’s learning style.

– Beginning student

What You’ll Learn

  • To read both block and script letters
  • To write basic Hebrew
  • Foundations of grammar, such as masculine and feminine, the definite article and basic syntax of Hebrew sentences
  • To use basic forms of present tense, infinitives and verb systems

Intermediate (Levels 4B to 7B)

Designed for students with moderate ability to write and speak Hebrew. You’ll listen to stories and recorded dialogues, participate in open conversations and write short expository passages.

What You’ll Learn

  • To recognize and use new and more complicated structures of Hebrew grammar and morphology
  • Greater vocabulary
  • To read longer passages of modern conversation and abridged stories

Advanced (Levels 8B to 10B)

Designed for students with a strong command of both spoken and written Hebrew. The course is structured to accommodate a wide range of student interests. You’ll carry on conversations taken from daily life, read texts dealing with cultural and historical topics and explore original literature.

You will learn:
  • To write and speak using advanced grammar
  • To Express yourself in all tenses
  • Advanced vocabulary



Contact Information

Iris Schor
Director of Ulpan and Hebrew Language


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