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Ulpan: Intensive Hebrew Language

Hebrew College’s online Ulpan, an integral part of Hebrew College’s Community Education programs, teaches students from all levels to master conversational Hebrew through the lens of Israeli culture. Hebrew College also offers Graduate Level Hebrew courses through the Rabbinical School.

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  • time Adults & college students (non-credit only)
  • location Online
  • duration Semester (fall, spring, summer)
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Hebrew College Ulpan is an immersion language program that teaches grammar, reading comprehension, and conversation skills. Ulpan brings Hebrew to life through discussions of contemporary political, social, and cultural topics, and readings drawn from current Israeli news and social commentary.

Ulpan is offered on online through ten levels of study, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Learn about our Ulpan offerings and figure out what level is right for you. 

“We are very very close with the children [in Israel] and in touch with them any way possible, WhatsApp, Facetime. We are trying more and more to put Hebrew words into our conversations, to say a few sentences, and to practice what we learn. We try them out during our phone calls with the five grandchildren. They are patient with us, but think it’s funny!”

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Lori Kahn, Hebrew College Ulpan Student
Chana Kutin, Advanced Hebrew College Ulpan Student

I started Ulpan this past September and my experience has been wonderful. My classmates are intelligent and insightful, and our teacher, Aliza Brosh, is outstanding. Aliza is a skilled educator with a magnetic personality who engages each of us to participate in all aspects of reading, writing and most importantly discussion. As an adult, it is not always easy to learn a new skill, but in our Hebrew class we are always making progress in our Hebrew language goals. I recommend Hebrew College’s Ulpan for anyone who has a desire to learn Hebrew and is ready to take their learning to the next level.

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Charles Lin, Beginner Hebrew College Ulpan Student

I appreciate the nurturing environment that the teacher and students share. Everyone is supportive of each other, and while some students advance faster than others, we all treasure the moments spent, and make progress on our own terms. I look forward to the remote summer session.

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Marianna Mapes, Beginner Hebrew College Ulpan Student

What I’ve loved most about the Ulpan has been the opportunity to enjoy a sense of progress and intellectual discovery during an otherwise bleak time. The classes have been a refuge from the chaos of my work life! And in addition to making the transition to Zoom feel easy and seamless, Shlomi has fostered a wonderful spirit of community among us. He’s a talented educator.

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Iris Schor
Director of Ulpan and Hebrew Language