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Hebrew Language Graduate Level Hebrew

Learn Hebrew alongside Hebrew College rabbinical and cantorial students. As long as prerequisites are met, our graduate-level Hebrew course are offered on campus and are open to community members to audit.

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  • location Hebrew College Campus
  • duration Semester
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A sequence of four one-semester courses equip students for work with classical texts; they presume prior proficiency in Modern Hebrew. These courses are:

  • Hebrew 3 and 4 (summer) – prerequisite Hebrew 2 or equivalent
  • Hebrew 5 and 6 (fall or spring) – prerequisite Hebrew 4 or equivalent
  • Hebrew Grammar: Intensive (fall) – prerequisite Hebrew 6
  • Biblical Hebrew (spring) – prerequisite Hebrew Grammar: Intensive
  • Aramaic (fall) – prerequisite Biblical Hebrew
  • Rabbinic Hebrew (spring) – prerequisite Hebrew Grammar: Intensive and Aramaic

Contact Information

Deb Ron
Hebrew Admissions

Tzilla Barone
Hebrew Language Coordinator & Ulpan Director

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