Artist Beit Midrash

A New Learning Community for Jewish Creatives

Hebrew College is partnering with The Jewish Arts Collaborative (JArts) and CJP to create the “Artist Beit Midrash,” a new Jewish learning salon that will bring together Boston artists to study Jewish texts, share their creative processes, and build community and connection.

“The Greater Boston Jewish community is home to artists of many kinds, from visual artists to musicians and more. What is missing is a space for those people to come together,” said Yiddish opera singer and project co-creator Anthony Russell. “The Artist Beit Midrash is a space where they can deepen their Jewish learning and connect with each other.”

artist beit midrash
(Above) Image by Laura Mandel. (Top) Inside/Out Diaries Installation by Shirah Rubin.

Approximately 20 artists of all disciplines will be selected for the group, which will meet monthly on Zoom for facilitated discussions of ancient and modern texts and other sources, including visual art and music. Meetings will take place Thursdays, 10–11:30 a.m., March 18, April 15, May 13, June 17, and July 15.


Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman, Co-creator and Director of Professional Development at Hebrew College

There is so much to explore in Judaism that can enrich our lives as artists and our creative process. We can delve into Jewish history and texts that speak to the role of artist as creator, or our engagement in the societal challenges facing us, or how memory and trauma function in our art, or how we build resilience and joy in troubling times.

Caron Tabb, a visual artist and co-creator, says she hopes the project will appeal to those who are active in Jewish communities and who already incorporate Jewish themes in their artistic or creative practices, as well as those who are not affiliated, helping to build community and inspire art influenced by Jewish themes.

“I have found my art to benefit so much from texts, both literally and metaphorically,” she said. “I think we’re going to see incredible collaborations; I think we’re going to see new friendships; I think we’re going to see really interesting outcomes—spoken word, music, and visual arts, all somehow connected. I’m really excited about the opportunities that lie within that nexus. It’s going to be really magical.”


To apply, fill out the online application by January 22.

Contact Us

For more information, contact Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman at Hebrew College or Ariella Honig at JArts.