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Statement on Israel

Throughout its history, Hebrew College has had a strong and vibrant relationship to Zionism and the state of Israel. Founded as part of the Hebraist movement, we have remained deeply and consistently committed to fostering a connection to the people, land, language and culture of Israel as a cornerstone of our educational mission. We are particularly passionate about nurturing relationships that grow in the fertile ground of lived experience – immersive programs for our students in Israel, and intensive collaborations with Israeli partner institutions and individuals.

Our attachment to Israel, and our commitment to its significance in contemporary Jewish life, continue to make a profound claim on us as Jews living in North America. We feel a sense of responsibility to help our students cultivate a connection to Israel that is rooted in a love of the Jewish people, a deep understanding of Jewish history and contemporary Israeli society, and a commitment to democracy, pluralism, and human rights.

As a pluralistic educational institution nurturing learners of all ages and training Jewish leaders for the next generation, we engage a diversity of views and seek to promote dialogue and education about Israel in a spirit of shared inquiry and mutual respect.

(Approved by the Hebrew College Board of Trustees, February 2016)