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Young Judaea

An academic gap-year program in Israel

  • time Post High School Gap-Year
  • location Israel
  • duration Academic Year
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Young Judea studentsYoung Judaea Year Course provides a year of immersive and intentional educational experiences. The program consists of three major components; service learning and volunteer/internship placements in the city of Tel Aviv and surrounding area, academic studies in Jerusalem, and regular seminars that enable participants to explore Israeli society, culture, nature, politics, and history.

Every experience is curated through the prism of Young Judaea’s educational principles known as the “Five Pillars”. These foundational principles form the backbone of all learning that takes place at every level of programming, regardless of location, or length. The pillars are as follows: Zionism, Jewish Identity, Pluralism, Social Action, and Peer Leadership.


Hebrew College is accredited by NECHE to offer undergraduate credits to students attending Young Judaea.

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