Mission Statement

The Hebrew College Mission

Reimagining Jewish learning and leadership for an interconnected world. Making our lives more meaningful, our communities more vibrant, and our world more whole.

Our Core Values

Ahavat Torah: A Love of Learning

At the heart of Hebrew College is our vibrant learning community. We share the conviction that education is the key to Jewish vitality, and we are devoted to rigorous study of the full breadth of Jewish religion and culture. Together, we foster lifelong Jewish learning that engages the whole person, challenging the mind and nourishing the soul.

Areivut: Embracing Communal Responsibility

Jewish leaders in the 21st century must assume responsibility for both the Jewish future and the future of our planet. Hebrew College promotes learning in a context of communal commitment and concern — for our own local community, for Israel and Jewish communities around the world, and for all inhabitants of the Earth. Through education, activism, service and interfaith cooperation, we seek to bring healing to a world in need of repair.

Elu v’Elu: Engaging Diversity

As a pluralistic institution, we recognize and value human diversity. Within our own k’lal Yisrael community and in dialogue with people from other faith traditions, we actively engage a multiplicity of experiences and perspectives in an environment of mutual respect. The encounter with different points of view prompts us to ask honest and searching questions of ourselves and of one another, and to see this process as a source of wisdom and strength.

Yetzira: Fostering Jewish Creativity

Judaism, at its best, is a creative, intellectual and spiritual encounter among the individual, the community and the received tradition. We embrace music, literature and the visual and performing arts as sources of inspiration and as vital modes of Jewish discovery and expression.

The Hebrew College mission continues to be as relevant as ever: To encourage and empower learners to see themselves as both inheritors and innovators – active participants in the unfolding story of the Jewish People.