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Support the Shul Lunch Coop with your Donation

students cooking in HC kitchenHi! We’re the Shul Lunch Coop.

We’re a group of about 50 students, and faculty, and community members at Hebrew College in Newton Massachusetts. We’re building a model for sustainable, equitable, and delicious Jewish food practice and community engagement.

In our first year alone, we’ve been able to serve thousands of delicious vegan and vegetarian meals — on a sliding scale — to our campus community members. We’re raising funds so that we can open our doors to the greater Boston community.

Additional resources will also help us:

  • create more sustainable food-sourcing pipelines
  • refine and package our operational resources for use by other communities throughout North Amerca
  • continue to serve the Hebrew College Community, without raising prices for students who are already struggling to meet their financial needs

We’re building a new kind of congregation — one centered around mutual support, connection to earth, and celebration of food and pleasure as devotional practice.

If these goals speak to you, please consider making a donation below!! (If you have questions, want to learn more, or wish to join the Cooperative, please email Becca Heisler or David Mahfouda.) Thank you!