About Hebrew College

Jewish leadership and learning for a pluralistic world.

At Hebrew College, pluralism is our lens. This perspective encourages our students to ask questions and have authentic and sometimes difficult conversations – with themselves and one another – about how to live, learn and pray; about what unites us and what divides us. In the process, they learn to listen, not to judge. They learn to engage, to think deeply and creatively, to find their own Jewish practices; and to serve and participate in the diverse, ever-changing Jewish communities throughout our country and around the world.

As we are buffeted daily by news of violence, cruelty, ignorance, and intolerance in our nation and around the world – I am grateful to be part of an institution where love of teaching and learning — love of Torah — is at our core, and where we strive to make our study an act of sacred service to a world in need of healing and hope.

Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, President, Hebrew College

Founded in 1921, Hebrew College embraces a mission that connects serious academic study of Judaism with the educational needs and challenges of the community through our outstanding graduate, community and youth learning, and professional development programs. No ivory tower, Hebrew College strives to be a modern equivalent of Abraham’s tent, with all sides open to anyone who wishes to join our passionate pursuit of Jewish education.

Here you will find diverse entryways, ranging from intensive text study and professional training that prepare you for a leadership role in the Jewish community to opportunities that enable you to explore Jewish culture, arts, and music as a means to define and refine your Jewish identity.

Rooted in the Hebraist-Zionist movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, we maintain a deep commitment to the importance of Hebrew language as a conveyor of Jewish culture and as a link between Diaspora Jewry and the State of Israel. Courses at Hebrew College were originally taught only in Hebrew; today most classes are taught in English, but Hebrew language instruction for beginners to advanced students remains an essential element of the curriculum for graduate degree programs and an accessible option for adult learners and Prozdor high school students.

Hebrew College’s legacy also bequeaths a strong commitment to pluralism, an openness to all forms of Jewish expression, commitment and practice. We seek to engage diverse perspectives on any given Jewish topic, both to encourage a dynamic exchange and to foster respect for other points of view. Hebrew College, true to our roots, strives to encompass the broadest spectrum of Jewish life and to model k’lal Yisrael — a community of all Jews — while welcoming members of other faiths to join our vibrant conversation.

I think pluralism is where American Judaism is shifting and what our generation is craving.

Rebecca Weintraub, Rabbinical School Student

The Power of Numbers

  • 300,000 Jews worldwide reached by Hebrew College ordained rabbis
  • 18,000 individuals served by Hebrew College ordained cantors
  • 90,000 students educated by Hebrew College graduate education alumni
  • 8,000 adult learners enriched by Hebrew College programs
  • 5,500 teens inspired by Hebrew College youth programs

Graduate Leadership Programs

Centers & Institutes for Professional Development and Community Education

Community Education (Non-Degree) Programs

CJP Supported Adult Learning Programs

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The Hebrew College Innovation Lab is a new incubator for Hebrew College graduate students (rabbinic, cantorial and education) and recent Hebrew College alumni/ae in the Boston area to design and implement creative educational, spiritual, social justice and interfaith projects in the Greater Boston Jewish community. Participants receive grants ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 to run – or supplement the running – of a project that they conceptualize and design.

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