An academic gap-year program in Israel

kivunim students
  • time Post High School Gap-Year
  • location Israel
  • duration Academic Year
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Kivunim offers an academic jewish gap-year program for North American High School graduates based in Jerusalem, Israel with programmed field trip visits to 11 countries (including India where students have met the Dalai Lama, pictured above) and over 50 cities and villages significant to the historical and contemporary Jewish global world. Like other modern orthodox gap year programs in Israel, the course work includes academic introductions to the history, culture, geographic and demographic context and Jewish institutions of the local Jewish community. Kivunim students are academically oriented learners, strongly motivated as Jewish learners with significant potential as future Jewish leaders. Hebrew College is keenly interested in such learners as key prospects for our graduate programs in Jewish leadership, ordination and Jewish Education. The pluralist, academic and contextual orientations of the Kivunim program align closely with Hebrew College’s mission.

Hebrew College offers five courses totaling 30 credits as part of the Kivunim program. The program includes the following courses which run for an entire academic year, from September through June:

  • Arabic Language and Culture: 6 undergraduate credits (3 sessions per week)
  • Hebrew Language: 6 undergraduate credits (3 sessions per week)
  • Civilization and Society – Homelands in Exile: 8 undergraduate credits
  • Land, People, Ideas – The Challenges of the Middle East: 8 undergraduate credits
  • Visual Learning – The Art of Seeing: 2 undergraduate credits

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