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Tuition and Fees

The following tuition and fees information pertains to the 2024-2025 academic year. If you have any questions, please contact

Registration fees for academic courses for all students, billed each semester:

  • Academic courses taken for credit: $120
  • Academic courses taken for noncredit: $60
  • Combination of credit and noncredit courses: $120

Please note that fees are non-refundable, even if the student withdraws from the course. Course Withdrawal and Refund Policy

ProgramCost Per CreditCost Per Year
Rabbinic Program

N/A$33,800 (block tuition for students taking up to 20 credits each semester)
Master of Jewish Education

$635 if you first enrolled in 2023-24

$660 if you first enrolled in 2024-25
$5,080 if taking total of eight credits
Pardes Teacher Fellowship in Partnership with Hebrew CollegeN/A$7,414 for Year One
$7,414 for Year Two
$4,942 for Year Three
Master of Arts in Jewish Studies

$1,280$15,360 if taking total of 12 credits

Late Fee

There is a $25 fee for matriculated students who have unresolved tuition balances over 30 days. When circumstances warrant, Hebrew College reserves the right to apply this fee up to four times within a semester.

Graduation Fee

All graduating students from degree and ordination programs, regardless of whether or not they attend graduation ceremonies, are required to pay a $100 fee.* This fee is collected in the early spring of the graduation year.

*Paid by program sponsor for students in Pardes program only

Diploma Replacement Fee

There is a $40 fee for alumni who request a replacement diploma or certificate. For the graduates who earned two credentials from Hebrew College (e.g., a Masters Degree and Certificate, or a Masters Degree and Ordination), the replacement fee is $60.

Jewish Studies, Education, and Rabbinic Courses taken for credit

1-credit course$1,280
2-credit course$2,560
3-credit course$3,840
4-credit course$5,120

Jewish Studies, Education, and Rabbinic Courses NOT taken for credit, i.e., audited

1-credit course


2-credit course

3-credit course


4-credit course



Senior discount (65 and older).

Full registration fee applies. Proof of age may be required. Does not apply to Community Education courses.
20% off noncredit courses only

Course Withdrawal and Refund Policy

In addition to tuition and fees, students should plan for the normal costs of living, including room and board, transportation, and personal expenses (all of which are contingent upon community of residence, and subject to change). Financial aid credits to your account, if you qualify, will typically be applied during the month prior to the start of the semester.

Room and board

$20,000 (9 months)

Transportation and personal expenses


Health Insurance


Estimated Living Expenses*:$27,800

Adding this figure to your tuition and fees will give you an approximate cost of attendance per academic year.

*These numbers vary widely from student to student depending on personal expenses and lifestyle. Please take note that many of our students are eligible for no-cost Mass Health insurance plans.

Timing of Tuition Charges & Payments

Planning for your year of study in Israel? Check out this tips sheet for things to think about regarding financial aid and course registration.

  • Tuition charges will be applied to your student account immediately when you register for classes.
  • Financial aid credits to your account, if you are receiving a Hebrew College Scholarship, Fellowship, or Need-based Grant, will typically be applied during the month prior to the start of the semester.
  • Federal student loan money will be applied AFTER the add/drop date, so be sure to plan your living expenses budget accordingly (rent, etc.).

Important tips about tuition payment:

Before the semester begins, the sooner the better, you are required to either:

  • pay your tuition balance,
  • set up a payment plan with our Student Accounts Coordinator (see below) or
  • arrange for a sufficient student loan(s) with our Financial Aid Coordinator. (Note that student loans are disbursed to student accounts one or more weeks after the semester has begun.) If you are a degree-seeking student and have not yet applied for financial aid or federal student loans, you may begin the process by visiting our Financial Aid & Scholarships page where you can find a full set of instructions, resources, and more.

You will not be considered enrolled in that semester’s classes, and may not be allowed to attend class, until one of these is completed.

Payment Plans & Credit Card Fees

Scheduled, Auto Payment Plans

  • This option is available through FACTS. Contact Hebrew College’s Student Accounts Coordinator & Assistant Registrar, Mayan Baram, at for more information.

Credit Card, E-Check, and Check Payments & Fees

  • Please be advised that a 4% convenience fee is applied to all payments made by credit card through Hebrew College’s online portal (Campus Cafe). This includes credit card payments made over the phone with the Student Accounts Coordinator.
  • To eliminate this fee, students may instead make an e-check payment through Hebrew College’s online portal (Campus Café) or over the phone with the Student Accounts Coordinator, or mail/bring in a physical check with the student’s name and ID# in the memo to: Hebrew College, Office of Student Services, 1860 Washington St., Newton, MA 02466.

Contact Info

Bob Gielow
Registrar and Director of Student Services

Mayan Baram
Student Accounts Coordinator & Assistant Registrar

Mia Tavan
Financial Aid Coordinator