Become an Educational Leader

Advance Your Career

A graduate degree in Jewish education from Hebrew College is more than a teaching credential. We offer a hybrid graduate degree to help prepare educators to lead, transform and elevate Jewish learning for a pluralistic world. We focus on helping students develop two critical skills:

  • The ability to become entrepreneurial in their practice of Jewish Education in a rapidly changing world
  • A deep understanding of the complexity of Jewish life through a pluralist approach to Judaism.

Learn the frameworks of subject-based pedagogy for teaching Torah, rabbinic literature, Jewish history, Jewish thought, and cultural literacy while exploring educational theories as a means to refine a personal vision of Jewish Education.

Orna Siegel, MJEd`16, Director of Enrollment and Tuition Assistance, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Washington, D.C

Part of the beauty of the pluralistic program is that students are from all walks of life and everybody is able to bring in his or her own perspectives and background into the conversation. It’s a totally natural 21st century mode of learning.

Our Graduate Programs

Our graduate leadership degree program combines academic rigor, field experience, and a network of contacts to help you grow professionally and land your next leadership position. Our graduates are in high demand—securing positions as educators and leaders in schools and organizations of all denominations across the country. Examples of our graduates’ career trajectories include:

Learn On Your Schedule

Our hybrid program make it easy to balance a part-time or full-time job with your studies. For example, our pluralistic MJEd program may be completed in two years. Fitting it into your schedule may be easier than you think!

Learn Through Field Experience

Field experience is a unique and invaluable component in our master’s degree program that can reinvigorate your curricula and programming.

Andrea Kasper, MJEd`07, Head of School at Solomon Schecter Day School of Greater Hartford, CT

In my experience over the years as a teacher, coach and head of a Jewish Day School, I can attest to the value of hiring educators with a Masters of Jewish Education. Not only do teachers with a Hebrew College MJEd have a solid understanding of educational theories and practice, but they also bring with them a commitment to social justice, to building meaningful, sustainable, and loving communities of learners, and to honoring both tradition and innovation. This value-based approach to education is woven into the DNA of the MJEd program.

Expand Your Professional Network

Because our graduate students work closely together as a cohort, they not only become an “online community” of learning and support, but they also develop a career-long professional network with each other and Hebrew College graduate alumni across the world.