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Looking for a Rabbi, Cantor or Intern?

Hire Our Students and Alumni

Hebrew College has ordained over 100 hundred rabbis and cantors  who are powerfully impacting the Jewish world. Our immersive program is rooted in the understanding that a strong spiritual leader is steeped in tradition, while at the same time engaged in the emergent needs of Jewish communities in the 21st century. Our graduates have engaged in deep study of Jewish text, prayer, and practical rabbinic and cantorial skills, while also looking outward at contemporary issues facing our society. Within the school’s vibrant pluralist community, students learn a deep appreciation of different forms of Judaism. They learn as well to become skilled community leaders able to navigate a diversity of needs in the communities they serve.

Our graduates all complete at least one official internship, though most pursue considerably more field experience while in school. Our ordainees have the ability to work in a variety of communal contexts and with different ages and populations. We have a 95% placement rate, and would be delighted to speak with you about your search for a new rabbi.

Hire Our Alumni

To post a full- or part-time job with us, please email a job description and salary range to If you would like to discuss our program or placement process, please include a phone number where we can reach you.

Apply for a Hebrew College Intern

To learn about hiring a rabbinic or cantorial intern for your congregation, Hillel, or organization, please email Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire, Director of Rabbinic Student  Internships, at

>> View the handbook for students and mentors for internship program details.

Need a Hebrew or B’nai Mitzvah Tutor?

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