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We are excited to have you join our learning community this semester. Here you’ll find pricing information and registration instructions, and links to graduate degree and community learning courses and the Registrar’s Office.

Please look for classes marked “non-credit” for those courses open to the community. Some prerequisites may apply.


It can be confusing figuring out who to contact with questions about registration. We hope you find the information below helpful.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office for questions about:

  • Course information including what tuition & fees will be for a particular course.
  • Has the Add/Drop period ended? Before calling, please check the Academic Calendar.
  • Add or Drop courses through the MyHC Portal.
  • Course withdrawals must be done in writing and the request must to go the registrar. Speaking to your instructor will not remove you from the roster. Send an email to Include your full legal name and the name of the course you are dropping. Or use the course withdrawal form below and send that to the same email address.
  • Matriculated Students: Speak to your advisor about which courses you should be registering for each semester. Don’t know who your advisor is?—speak to the dean of your program.
  • Non-Matriculated Students: Speak to the Admissions office about taking courses.
  • Name Change: Contact Registrar for instructions
  • Student Visa Questions or issues
  • Immunization Requirements for new rabbinic and cantorial students.
  • Change of address information: send in writing to Registrar’s Office
  • Transcript Request; Leave of Absence Forms, Petitions for Independent Study, Petitions for Incomplete, other forms (see below).
  • Withdrawing from your degree program? Speak to your advisor first. Then complete the school Withdrawal form below.
  • Student Health Insurance: Massachusetts law requires all full-time students
    have health insurance. You may purchase health insurance through the MASS
    Health Connector program

Please contact the Admissions Office for your program of interest for questions about:

  • Information about any of the College’s degree or certificate programs
  • How to apply to a degree or certificate program
  • Information about acceptance of transfer credits. Transfer credits vary by program, so please contact the Admissions Department for your program of interest. (In general, graduate students with grades of B or above may transfer no more than 12 credits. Courses must be applicable to the degree program and not all courses will transfer.)
  • How to pay your enrollment deposit
  • How to Register for courses
  • How to obtain a MyHC Portal Password or I’ve forgotten my MyHC Portal Password

Financial Aid Office for questions about:

  • Financial aid is offered to matriculated degree students. If you have been accepted into one of our degree programs, you may be eligible
  • Financial Aid Application form [PDF]
  • You must complete the Hebrew College Aid Application form and may also be required to complete a FAFSA. See the form for instructions.
  • Any questions about financial aid including information about applying for aid from the college, applying for federal aid, student loans or repayment of federal aid (student loans).Student loans (applying for; deferring previous loans)—Any question about student loans.
  • Changes to your financial aid or student loans
  • Questions about veterans benefits
  • Student Visa Questions or issues

Please contact the Business Office for questions about:

  • Your student account: How much do I owe?
  • Paying your tuition and fees with cash, credit cards, check, or bank wire
  • Paying your enrollment deposit
  • 1098T Tax Form
  • Payment plans: Information about tuition payment plans and assistance with setting up a payment plan
  • Student Loan Refunds (Date check will be ready; Can I pick the check up?)
  • Requesting a refund if there is a credit balance on your student account
  • Other monetary issues
  • Instructions for forwarding Hebrew College email address to another account
  • Health Insurance

Understanding and Identifying Courses and Course Codes

We offer several course for both credit and non-credit. If you notice that the same ycourse has two different course numbers, note which number corresponds to the credit vs. the non-credit version of the course. Please be sure to register using the correct course number so you will be charged correctly.

Please note: We use the online platform Schoology for our online courses. The majority of our campus courses also use the online platform. You must have an email address to enroll.

Quick Key to Course Codes

  • Course Numbers ending in C1 or NC are taught on campus;
  • Course Numbers ending in J1 are taught in Jerusalem;
  • Course Numbers ending in W1 or N1 are taught online
  • Course Numbers ending in H1 are hybrid courses taught in some combination of online and on campus.
  • Course Numbers ending in AU are Community Education Courses, and when offered, may be taken on a non-credit basis only. These courses are not available for credit. These courses will have a different pricing structure than the regular credit/non-credit course and will not qualify for any type of discounts.

Tuition and Fees

As mentioned above, course pricing differs depending on whether you take a course for credit or non-credit.

  • Registration fee: (non-refundable)
  • Credit courses only $110 per semester
  • Combination of Credit and Non-credit courses $110 per semester
  • Non-Credit Courses only $ 55 per semester

Tuition for All Courses*:

# CreditsCredit PriceNon-CreditNon-Credit Hebrew OnlineNon-Credit Graduate Level Hebrew On Campus
Mekhina Hebrew


1 credit


$ 350

2 credits


$ 700


3 credits




4 credits




Community Education Courses

Not available for credit

$500 per course


* This is the pricing for basic tuition. Matriculated students in the Rabbinic School, COSEL or the Pardes Educators’ Program pay tuition according to their program.


Ready to Register?

When you’re ready to register, you’ll be using our “MyHC Registration Portal.” Use the menus below to register for a class or classes. Please remember that registration is not complete until you pay your tuition. Todah! (Thank you!)

Register at the MyHC registration portal. Your MyHC login information was previously sent to your email address.

View Course listings

After you have returned your completed Information Technology agreement, you will receive an email containing the information you need to login to your email address. When you have that information, fill out and complete this form. You will then be sent the MyHC login information needed to register for your classes (this information will be sent within two business days to your email address ONLY).

If you have never taken a class with Hebrew College, please complete and return this form. An email containing your MyHC login information will be sent to your email address within two business days.

View Community Learning Courses

Take the Hebrew Language Placement Test

Having Trouble Logging In?

All usernames use the following convention: firstname (dot) lastname (example: Joe.User)

If you have forgotten or lost your password, follow these steps:

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Attempt to login at the top of the page with your username and the password FORGOT.
  3. This will direct you to an error page. Click the link “I forgot my password” under the field labeled “Password.”
  4. This will direct you to a page to request a new password. Click the button “Send New Password” and a temporary password will be emailed to you immediately.
  5. After you receive your new password, revisit and login at the top of the page with your username and newly generated password.

Dropping/Withdrawing from a Course

The student is responsible for notifying the Registrar’s Office when dropping or withdrawing from any course. A conversation with the instructor is not sufficient. If the Registrar’s Office is not notified, you will be responsible for full course tuition and not entitled to any sort of refund. You may drop a course during the Add/Drop Period by returning to the MyHC Portal and dropping the course. If you withdraw from the course after Add/Drop is over, you must email the Registrar’s Office ( Include your full name and the name of the course from which you are withdrawing.

Refund Schedules

Refunds will be applied as listed below:

Courses beginning September 4 and running the whole semester until December 21, 2018.
Add/Drop Period ends September 21, 2018.

  • During the Add/Drop Period: 100 percent tuition refund. Registration fee is not refundable. No Transcript.
  • Second week of classes: 80 percent tuition refund. Registration fee is not refundable. Grade of W on transcript.
  • Third week of classes: 50 percent tuition refund. Registration fee is not refundable. Grade of W on transcript.
  • Fourth week of classes: 25 percent tuition refund. Registration fee is not refundable. Grade of W on transcript.
  • After the fourth week of classes: no tuition refund. Registration fee is not refundable. Grade of W on transcript.

— Courses lasting less than a full semester: (courses start and end on various dates)
Add/Drop Period ends at 11:00 pm (Boston time) of the first day of class.

  • During the Add/Drop period for the specific class: 100 percent tuition refund. Registration fee is not refundable.
  • No refund after Add/Drop Period, Grade of W on transcript.
  • Students receiving Federal Direct Loans are subject to federally mandated refund regulations. Please
  • contact the Financial Aid Office for further information: 617-559-8847 or
  • Students with extenuating financial circumstances may contact the financial aid office for special consideration.


Marilyn Jaye
Office of the Registrar

Jewish Music Programs
Marcia Spellman
Office of Admissions
School of Jewish Music

Rabbinical School or Jewish Studies Programs
Rabbi Daniel Klein
Office of Admissions
Rabbinical School

Jewish Education Masters or Certificate Programs
Debrah Ron
Office of Admissions
Schoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education