Parenting Through A Jewish Lens

Learn from both ancient and contemporary sources of wisdom that you are not alone in your parenting journey and connect with other families in your community.

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  • time Parents of all stages
  • location Synagogues, community spaces, and living rooms
  • duration Parenting Young Children (6 sessions);
    Parenting Tweens (5 sessions);
    Parenting Teens (4 sessions);
    Grandparenting (4 sessions)
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Parenting Through a Jewish Lens (for parents of infants through age 9)

Join a group of fellow parents of newborns through nine-year-olds to discuss topics that matter to you as a parent; explore Jewish values that can enrich your family; reflect on the joys and challenges of raising kids today; and find support, encouragement, and connection. Free babysitting is available for all daytime classes

Our curriculum helps parents discover the many ways in which Jewish sources of wisdom can inform their choices. A few examples of the topics addressed include: How can I help foster my child’s uniqueness? How can I nurture my child’s resilience? How can I help my family through dark times? How do I talk to my child about God?

  1. Towards Joyful Parenting
  2. Infusing Our Lives with Meaning
  3. Finding Peace in Our Homes
  4. Shabbat: A Time to Reconnect and Recharge
  5. Parenting at a Time of Loss
  6. Parenting for Kindness

  1. Parenting for Resiliency
  2. Parenting for Responsibility
  3. G-d Talk and Spirituality
  4. Making Space for Self-Expression and Spirituality
  5. Fostering a Connection to the Land of Israel
  6. Hopes and Dreams for Our Children

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens welcomes the participation of parents from all faiths, cultures, families, and experiences. 

Karen Leitner

What I liked the most was being able to spend time with some very funny, smart, thoughtful parents and feel camaraderie in knowing that we all constantly wish we could do better. On a deeper level, we explored many ancient Jewish texts which clarified for me the extent to which my Jewish upbringing has informed my world view, something I hadn’t fully realized before, and stimulated some really interesting conversations about a variety of topics.

Want to learn more about Parenting Through a Jewish Lens?

If you need additional information or have questions about registration, please contact Ahava Rosenthal, director of Parenting Through a Jewish Lens, at or 617-559-8734.