Parenting Through A Jewish Lens

Learn from both ancient and contemporary sources of wisdom that you are not alone in your parenting journey and connect with other families in your community.

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  • time Parents of all stages
  • location Synagogues, community spaces, and living rooms
  • duration Parenting Young Children (6 sessions);
    Parenting Tweens (5 sessions);
    Parenting Teens (4 sessions);
    Grandparenting (4 sessions)
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Grandparenting Through a Jewish Lens

Grandparenting today is a rewarding and challenging experience. In this 4-session class, you’ll will come together to learn how Jewish wisdom can help us navigate our role in our children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

  • How do we maintain good relationships with our children and grandchildren and not let our differences divide us?
  • How does our role as grandparent evolve as our children and grandchildren change?
  • How are we shaped by our relationships with our own parents and grandparents?
  • How do we transmit our values to our grandchildren?

I have had a lot of fun sharing experiences and strategies about being a Jewish grandparent. We do have a good group and the fact that we’ve all known each other for decades makes the intimacy of sharing all the more meaningful.

Arthur Walitt, Grandparenting Through a Jewish Lens participant

Session One | Our Grandparents, Ourselves

This opening session introduces us to one another and explores our individual identities as grandparents. How are our self-perceptions and expectations informed by our relationships and connections with our own parents and grandparents?

Session Two | Navigating Differences        

How do we maintain good relationships with our adult children and our grandchildren while not succumbing to differences that threaten to divide us including in parenting styles, Jewish denominational practice, long distance, and interfaith child rearing?

Session Three | The Stages of Grandparenting     

The grandparenting role changes as we, our children, and our grandchildren change. Being a grandparent in the postpartum days is quite different from being a grandparent to a toddler and to a school-age child. Teenagers and college kids provide their own opportunities and challenges as do adult grandchildren. What can we learn from each other and our sages that can inform our evolving roles, thoughts, and actions?

Session Four | Transmitting our Values     

Each of us has our own value system.  Perhaps our values are informed by Jewish tradition, or perhaps they are informed by other sources.  How do we transmit to our grandchildren what feels most important to us? How can we do so in a way that is respectful of their own parents’ role in teaching them what matters? How will we leave “our mark” in ways that feel both natural and deliberate?

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens welcomes the participation of parents from all faiths, cultures, families, and experiences. 

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If you need additional information or have questions about registration, please contact Ahava Rosenthal, director of Parenting Through a Jewish Lens, at or 617-559-8734.