Humans of Hebrew College Practicing Presence: Rain, Snow, or Shine

By Wendy Linden

Rev. Soren Hessler on the steps on BU's March Chapel

Humans of Hebrew College #HumansHC

“It’s important for me to be regularly in a context where I am functioning as a Christian cleric. Come rain, snow, or shine, my wife and I lead a weekly 7-minute outdoor worship service every Thursday from 12:20-12:27 on the plaza outside Boston University’s Marsh Chapel for anyone who stops by. (My wife is part of the chaplaincy team at Boston University, too.) My work at Marsh Chapel is very much a ministry of presence, not dissimilar to the work I help facilitate at Hebrew College through the Miller Center. One of the key goals for students and professionals at the Miller Center is to authentically deepen who you are in your own religious tradition and ask, ‘How do you take it to a place where you can engage with other folks?’ We invite people to deepen the connection within their own tradition while also learning be present with others, reaching across to other traditions.”

(Rev. Soren Hessler is Associate Director of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership at Hebrew College and Chapel Associate for Leadership Development at Boston University’s Marsh Chapel. Soren was ordained by the United Methodist Church in 2015, and according to his church’s tradition, was appointed by his Bishop to serve Hebrew College.)

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