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A Vibrant Community

Hebrew College students and faculty are a community, both within and beyond the walls of the college. We study together, engage in communal prayer and celebration, and share the rhythms of the Jewish year and of each other’s lives.

Student leadership and initiative is actively encouraged and we seek ways to draw forth the distinctive contributions of each member of our community. As a result, our graduates are inspired to create vibrant and inclusive communities wherever they serve as cantors and spiritual leaders.

Tefillot (Prayer)

Cantorial students learn through both theory and practice, and are instrumental in creating a spiritual community on campus. Each morning at Hebrew College, students and faculty from the Cantorial Program and the Rabbinical Program lead traditional and creative tefillot. Some days, tefillot take place with the entire Hebrew College community, while on other days in small groups based on needs and goals. Daily services on campus are energizing forums for enriching the spirit. Students are encouraged to discover forms of tefillot that speak to their hearts. Both cantorial and rabbinical students cultivate their skills in leading communities in prayer.

Social Responsibility

We believe that Judaism teaches us to engage with the world around us. Through study, prayer, education, activism, organization, community service and interfaith leadership, we seek to address pressing human issues and bring healing to the world. With our partners in the Boston Theological Institute, we have thriving interfaith programs which promote mutual understanding, respect and responsibility. Our graduates understand that cantorial leaders must transcend parochial concerns and take responsibility not only for the Jewish future but for the future of our planet as well.

Musical Performance

Cantor Louise Treitman

Cantorial students have several opportunities to perform and participate in musical performances throughout the year. All cantorial students are part of Kol Arev, the Hebrew College Chamber Choir, which performs at Hebrew College and in the Greater Boston and Providence communities. Students also perform in vocal recitals each semester, and many audition and join the internationally recognized Zamir Chorale of Boston.

Our Students

Work Prior to Attending Cantorial School

  • Cabaret Performer
  • Conservatory Student
  • Hillel Professional
  • Instrumental Musician
  • Classical Music Performer
  • Paralegal
  • Personal Trainer
  • Software Engineer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Synagogue Ritual Director
  • Social Worker
  • Teacher
  • Technology Entrepreneur

Family Background

  • Conservative: 36%
  • Convert: 1%
  • Just Jew: 12%
  • Orthodox: 0%
  • Reconstructionist: 0%
  • Reform: 50%
  • Renewal: 1%

Degree Prior to attending Cantorial School*

  • B.A. Amherst College
  • B.A. Clark University
  • B.A. Hartt School of Music, University of Hartford
  • B.A. Hofstra
  • B.A. Longy School of Music
  • B.A. Muhlenberg College
  • B.A. Oberlin College
  • B.A. University of Maryland
  • M.A. Boston Conservatory
  • M.A. Bowling Green
  • M.A. Towson University
  • M.A. University of Michigan
  • M.S. Baruch College
  • J.D. Vermont Law School

*partial list

Jewish Educational Background

  • Camp Experience: 80%
  • Day School: 10%
  • Hillel involvement: 90%
  • Israel Trip: 50%
  • Supplemental Hebrew School: 90%
  • Youth Group Involvement: 50%

Meet Students: Humans of Hebrew College

Julia Sabra, Cantorial student

“I really wanted to learn from people from many different backgrounds and expose myself to different sides of Judaism. And the more conversations I had with the Hebrew College faculty, the more I felt they were focused on building a relationship with me. It felt like a personal process…every conversation I had with a faculty member made me feel like this was going to be the right community for me.”

Cantor Jessica Woolf Silverberg `21

“Everybody knew I was going to go to cantorial school before I did! I realized that I am a product of pluralistic Judaism. I got most of my Jewish education…” Continue

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Cantor David Wolff `20

“When I was teaching in Montgomery County, and singing in shul for the high holidays, I used music to help people. I learned that I can do something beautiful…”

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Cantor Jennifer Boyle `20

“I am the oldest of five girls. We were raised Catholic and were all very active in the church growing up. I sang in the kids’ choir, founded the teen choir, and…”

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Dan Nesson, Cantorial student

“Even familiar topics like nusach are taking on new meaning for me. I had to write out new settings and create my own composition – something I never imagined I could do. All of these are new skills are proof that you can teach old dogs new tricks! It’s rewarding and fulfilling.”

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Application Deadline

Cantorial Program: January 15

Contact Info

Rabbi Gita Karasov `20
Director of Admissions & Student Life