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Hebrew College offers a multifaceted and comprehensive Hebrew Language Program, from beginner through advanced levels, on campus and online. You can also enroll in our Ulpan to learn conversational Hebrew through the lens of Israeli culture.

  • Modern Hebrew: An online program for beginning to intermediate Hebrew students who want to improve their vocabulary and grammar skills and develop their understanding and speaking ability.
  • Graduate Hebrew: On-campus biblical and rabbinical Hebrew for individuals preparing for advanced textual study that requires a strong background in classical Hebrew and grammar.
  • Ulpan (Intensive): An on-campus program that focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening for individuals interested in learning conversational Hebrew through the lens of Israeli culture

Take courses on the religious thought and practices of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Journey through Jewish history; delve into core texts from biblical times through the present; discuss the debates within Israeli politics today; or build a foundation of knowledge about Jewish tradition through our community Rabbinical School courses, as well as our CJP-sponsored programs: Eser, Me’ah Classic, Me’ah Select, and Open Circle Jewish Learning.

Enroll in a Rabbinical School class; Journey through Jewish texts and ideas from biblical times through the present over 100 hours with Me’ah Classic; delve into a specific idea through Me’ah Select or Me’ah Online; explore traditional texts or Jewish rituals, practices and values in a living room through Open Circle Jewish Learning; or analyze texts with young adult peers through Eser.

Join a group of fellow parents to discuss topics that matter to you as a parent, explore rituals that can enhance your family life, and find community and connection through Parenting Through a Jewish Lens; or focus on specific rituals and practices like those surrounding Shabbat, death and grief, the start of a new month, or the menstrual cycle through Open Circle Jewish Learning.

Join a vibrant community of fellow teens or ‘tweens to study Judaism and Hebrew studies through Prozdor (High School) and Makor (Middle School); or find a supportive community of parents to explore compelling Jewish texts and traditions and share stories and ideas about raising young children, preteens and teenagers through Parenting Through a Jewish Lens.

Explore meditation, mysticism, and mussar, the Jewish spiritual discipline that helps us nurture our soul and spirit, and develop a way of living mindfully through our Open Circle Jewish Learning mindfulness classes.

Learn about the music of the Jewish people throughout history or enroll in a course through our renowned Cantorial School.

Explore contemporary issues and ideas and build connection and community through Eser or join a group of peers to learn about the importance of tikkun olam (repair the world), tzedek (justice), and tzedakah (charity) in Jewish tradition, and work with local advocacy organizations to make a difference through Open Circle Social Action.