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Wandering Jews: Peddlers and the Discovery of New Worlds Jan. 5, 2014 Free Event Has Passed
Teaching and Learning in the Presence of the Other: Jewish and Christian Perspectives Jan. 16, 2014 Free Event Has Passed
Religious Responses to Climate Change* Jan. 27, 2014 $10 Event Has Passed
The Jewish Spiritual Quest: Future Directions* Jan. 30. 2014 $10 Event Has Passed
Foundations of Jewish Genealogical Research Feb. 3-March 24, 2014 $250 Registration Closed
Halakhic Creativity and the Problem of Jewish Marriage* Feb. 13, 2014 $10 Postponed
Shiru Lo, Zamru Lo — Sing Praises to God: The Future of Jewish Sacred Music Feb. 26, 2014 Free Event Has Passed
The Muslim American Community Today March 3, 2014 Free Event Has Passed
Spiritual Foundations: Text You Need to See From the Teachers You Need to Hear March 5-May 21, 2014 $250 Registration Closed
The Golden Age Shtetl* March 12, 2014 $10 Event Has Passed
Wagner's Jews* March 20, 2014 $10 Event Has Passed
Matzah Matters March 30, 2014 Free Event Has Passed
Oh, God April 1, 2014 Free Event Has Passed
Shadow in Baghdad: Film Screening and Discussion April 7, 2014 Free Event Has Passed
Sacred Teaching and Spiritual Learning April 8, 2014 Free Event Has Passed
Auschwitz or Sinai: Israel and the Culture of Memory* April 30, 2014 $10 Buy tickets
Sixth Annual GISHA Conference May 4-5, 2014 $135/$225 Register
What Do We Mean When We Say God? May 14, 2014 Free Register

* Students who present valid ID at the door may attend this event for free. Registration is still required.

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