Rabbinical School Curriculum


The Rabbinical School curriculum is a highly integrated, structured program designed to take you on a five- or six-year journey of growth and acquisition of knowledge.

The core curriculum is built around the two most famous cycles of traditional Jewish learning: Parshiyyot ha-Torah and Seder ha-SHaS (Oder of the Talmud). Torah study, including a range of commentaries from ancient Midrash to contemporary literary analysis, links the five books of the Torah to the five-year course of study. The Jewish Living Core follows (with some adaptation) the order of subjects in the Babylonian Talmud, covering the major areas of Jewish learning central to a text-based rabbinic education.

Several other courses are offered each year that relate to the theme of the Core Jewish Living course and there are a comprehensive series of professional development courses and expierences. Ours is an integrated, thematic and practical curriculum that nourishes the mind and spirit and prepares students to serve in the world as rabbis.

You can see a summary of our Jewish Living Core sequence below and our full curriulum here.

Preparatory Year

Focuses on acquiring a foundation in Torah and Talmud, with as much emphasis put on the content of the learning as the skills needed to learn.

Year 1
Berakhot: Prayer and the Traditional Jewish Prayerbook

Centers on mastery of the liturgy: its meaning, structure, history, versions, laws and customs associated with prayer.

Years 2 - 4
Mo’ed: The Jewish Year and Festival Cycle

Focuses on laws, liturgical practices and key themes of the festivals and their religious significance and interpretations.

Nezikin: Institutional and Communal Aspects of Jewish Life

Explores the rabbinic conception of the human being, the construction of the court system and ethical and moral dimensions of civil responsiblity and religious leadership.

Nashim u-Gevarim: The Jewish Life-Cycle

Centers on life-cycle ceremonies, family and marital issues and contemporary questions of gender in Jewish life. Students learn to perform life-cycle ceremonies, to counsel congregants regarding family issues and to deal with “halakhic” questions regarding medical issues and personal status.

Year 5
Kodashim: Theological Issues

Includes an in-depth exploration of several of the great theologies of Judaism, both classical and modern, provides the basis for students to clarify their own theologies through oral and written work.


Rabbi Daniel Klein
Director of Admissions

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