Bachelor’s Degree Completion

Students may transfer undergraduate credits to Hebrew College and complete a bachelor's degree, even if they have been out of school for several years. Various options are available for majors in Jewish education and Jewish studies.

The undergraduate program at Hebrew College prepares students to become well-rounded, literate participants in the global community. The undergraduate general-education program aims for each student to receive an education of both depth and breadth that builds critical analysis, independent thought, self-expression and the research and writing skills necessary for advanced scholarship and research. Our general-education requirements ensure adequate breadth with regard to the arts and humanities, the sciences/mathematics and the social sciences.

BAJS (Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies) and BJEd (Bachelor of Jewish Education) share the same general education and elective requirements:

60 credits must be taken in an accredited institution of higher learning other than Hebrew College.
32 credits of required general education distribution:

  • Two courses in English
  • Two courses in humanities
  • Two courses in social sciences
  • Two courses in math, science or computer science

28 credits of elective courses form the rest of the general-education requirement for the B.A.

Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies

60 credits taken at Hebrew College distributed as follows:

  • 30 credits in Jewish studies
  • 10 credits of electives (Jewish education, Jewish music, etc.)
  • 16 credits in Hebrew language
  • 4 credits for senior final project (two semesters)

Bachelor of Jewish Education

60 credits taken at Hebrew College, distributed as follows:

  • 20 credits in Jewish education
  • 15 credits in Jewish studies
  • 16 credits in Hebrew language
  • 9 credits in electives

Note: Students with a substantial number of undergraduate credits may complete a combined bachelor's and master's degree. Undergraduate and graduate degree requirements are fulfilled, and you will receive the two degrees simultaneously.

Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Required Coursework

  • 60 credits in Jewish Studies
  • 13 credits electives
  • 16 credits in Hebrew language
  • 3 credits Graduate Research Seminar (master’s paper)


"I love being a part of this combined bachelor's / master's program. The teachers are serious academics and extremely learned in their subjects, making it an absolute joy to learn with them."

— Daniel Getz