Humans of Hebrew College Second Career in the Rabbinate

By 829 Studios
Jevin Eagle

“It was moving to be there with Annette Hoffman, Rick Jacobs, Steve Warnick, and the head of Reform and Masorti in Israel. The Conservative Yeshiva [where The Rabbinical School of Hebrew College students are based for their Israel year of study] was very encouraging and supportive. All 5 of our Hebrew College students were there. It was moving, meaningful, and maddening. For the first time, outside Torahs were brought in. Lots of hecklers, whistle blowing, and pushing. The Israeli police at first stayed back, but were then very supportive of our egalitarian Torah reading at Hallel in the Plaza. Some students were sad to see such divisions among Jews. I was inspired to see our leaders making a stand in a Jewish way.”

(Rabbinical School student Jevin Eagle, pictured with fellow classmate Ilana Krakowski. Eagle, former CEO of David’s Tea, former vice president at Staples, and former principal at McKinsey & Company, is one of several second-career rabbinical students at Hebrew College.)

Interested in a career in the rabbinate? You might be interested in Rabbi Dan Judson’s article “Jewish Lessons on Meaningful Work. Rabbi Judson teaches history, oversees the professional development program, and serves as the placement director for the Hebrew College Rabbinical School. He has a PhD in Jewish history from Brandeis University. Read Jewish Lessons on Meaningful Work

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