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“The work of CIRCLE, The Center for Inter-Religious and Communal Leadership Education, a program shared by Hebrew College and its neighboring institution Andover Newton Theological School, is about dismantling walls of ignorance and fear that cut communities off from one another. Over the din of materialism, the clang of elitism, the dangers of sheer apathy, we lift up the voices of sages, ancient and contemporary, to inspire, to provoke, to guide. Particularly in the face of geopolitical crises that tear at the social fabric of neighborhoods, countries, and entire regions, it is essential—and urgent—that religious leaders model for their constituents how to take conscientious steps to counteract hate and violence with hospitality, gratitude, and love. The way forward requires authentic collaboration and risk taking in order to build the necessary, durable bonds of trust that can withstand the strains that will inevitably be put upon them. At Hebrew College, we are forging those bonds by asking the difficult questions, by pushing the limits of our own learning, by listening attentively to each other’s stories and heart songs, by holding one another to the highest standards of accountability in our pursuits of service and justice.” #HumansHC

(Celene Ibrahim, M.Div., Islamic Studies Scholar-in-Residence, Co-Director of CIRCLE, now the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership)

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