October 06, 2020 Sukkot Community Education with Dr. Rachel Greenblatt – Rivkah’s Simchas Torah Song: Women’s Celebration in Early Modern Europe

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Rivkah Tiktiner (d. 1605) is the first known female author of a Jewish printed book, a Yiddish-language work of ethics called Menekes Rivkah. She also wrote a liturgical poem, which saw several printings, for use on the festival of Simchat Torah, the joyous culmination of the fall festival season (occurring this year on Oct 10-11). Come, learn together about a way in which Jewish women in a traditional, pre-modern setting participated actively in creating public Jewish ritual.

This event is sponsored by Open Circle Jewish Learning. To see Dr. Rachel Greenblatt’s Open Circle Jewish Learning course offering, visit the Open Circle Jewish Learning webpage.  Dr. Greenblatt’s bio is listed on the Community Education Faculty webpage.