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Rabbi Ebn Leader

Deuteronomy Holding The Shattered Tablets

Parashat Ekev (Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25) In this week’s parsha Moshe recount...

open circle drawing

Community Blog What Hebrew College “Open Circle” Means to Me

To be able to be a lifelong learner and to study with a true, authentic teacher ...

Rabbi Jeffrey Summit

Community Blog Meet Rabbi Jeffrey Summit

As Executive Director of Tufts Hillel, Rabbi Jeffrey Summit was disappointed whe...

Rabbi Or Rose

Deuteronomy Small Acts of Kindness

 Tisha b’Av  On a warm and clear evening late last month, my son and I decid...

HCRS Class-of-2019

Community Blog Rabbinical School Class of 2019 Helps Fund Scholarship

Ilana Zietman said she’d choreograph a dance for you. Jevin Eagle promised to ...

Carl Chudnofsky and Rabbi Dan Judson

Community Blog A Lifetime of Learning

Carl Chudnofsky, MAJS`13, Me’ah`06, a business executive, enrolled in a Ma...