Visual Literacy in Teaching Hebrew Language and Culture

Visual literacy has been defined as the “ability to understand, interpret and evaluate visual messages” (Bristor & Drake, 1994) and is based on the idea that images of all kinds (museum and public art, infographic, stickers, clips and movies) can be used as “visual texts” in the learning process. If you want to learn pedagogical strategies on how to integrate visual literacy in your daily Hebrew lessons and curriculum, join this course. The content of this course  can be integrated into any form of learning (in-person, distant, blended or hybrid).

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An online course with six 75-minute webinars
Mondays, 8:00-9:15pm EST
Assignments will be given in between sessions.

An online course, consisting of six 75-minute synchronous webinars. Offered in partnership with Hebrew at the Center (HATC), a non-profit organization dedicated to revolutionizing Hebrew teaching and learning. Providing cutting-edge pedagogic and assessment tools, HATC works to educate school leadership, develop Hebrew language leadership and empower teachers with the tools and expertise to maximize each student’s success.

Ninety percent of the information that we receive in our day to day life is conveyed through visuals. We process this information significantly faster than textual information. Using visual representations in the teaching and learning of Hebrew (images, clips, graphics, logos, graffiti, art, etc.) is critical for 21st century learning and is effective in face-to-face/online/hybrid learning. At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify elements of visual literacy in teaching language and culture
  • Use various pedagogical tools to work with visuals in order to enhance language and cultural competencies including: the IMAGE model, clipchat, a virtual classroom using Bitmoji, etc.
  • Recognize how visual literacy is integral to the Proficiency Approach
  • Integrate elements of visual literacy in lessons and curriculae in order to advance students communicative skills

The course is intended for modern Hebrew teachers who want to learn how to integrate visual literacy into their instruction. No prior knowledge of the Proficiency Approach is required for participation. At the end of the course attendees will receive a certificate of participation (required: 80% participation in the webinars and 80% completion of assignments).

This course will be conducted in Hebrew.

Webinar and Independent Study Facilitator

Mira Angrist, HATC Director of Professional Learning


The course will take place in fall 2020. All webinars begin at 8 pm EST.

  • Session 1 – Monday, October 19
  • Session 2 – Monday, October 26
  • Session 3 – Monday, November 2
  • Session 4 – Monday, November 9
  • Session 5 – Monday, November 16
  • Session 6 – Monday, November 23


$400 ($360 for teachers at Prizmah and HATC 2020-2021 member schools*)

*Costs reflect a generous subsidy

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