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October 07, 2020 Sukkot Community Education with Rabbi Eric S. Gurvis – Light in the Dark: Mussar as a Spiritual Resource for Challenging Times

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Our Jewish tradition has many tools upon which we can lean, and to which we can turn, in times when life places obstacles before us. In recent years, many in our Jewish community have been learning about Mussar – which offers us both intellectual and spiritual sustenance. More than merely a set of teachings, as an authentic Jewish spiritual practice, Mussar helps us navigate the heights and depths of living in a complicated world. In our time, Mussar can strengthen our resolve with teachings that can bolster us as we navigate the uncertainties and challenges of everyday life in an ever-changing world.

In this session, in addition to introducing Mussar, we will explore a sampling of the middot (soul-traits) of the Mussar tradition which can offer guidance for us in our everyday lives. These may include Netzach/Resilience; Ometz Lev/Courage; and Nose-a B’ol/Bearing the Burden.

Come take a taste of what Mussar can offer you in these challenging times.

This event is sponsored by Open Circle Jewish Learning. To see Rabbi Eric Gurvis’ Open Circle Jewish Learning course offerings, visit the Open Circle Jewish Learning webpage. Rabbi Gurvis’ bio is listed on the Community Education Faculty webpage.