October 06, 2020 Jewish Law and Ethics: A Hackathon for the Age of COVID-19

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  • Date
  • location Online
  • cost Free and open to the public
  • organizer T'ruah (Hebrew College is a co-sponsor)
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The onset of the COVID-19 epidemic has raised a slew of ethical questions, presenting new challenges for individuals, communities and governing bodies. In response,  T’ruah is hosting a series webinars around “Jewish Law and Ethics: A Hackathon for the Age of COVID-19” on Tuesdays October 6, 13, 20 and 27. Hebrew College is a co-sponsor.

Each webinar will feature a pair of our Hackathon scholars teaching the material they uncovered from our tradition that speaks to a pressing ethical question of our moment, such as:

  •  Do renters need to pay rent during a crisis?
  • How do we navigate concerns about civil liberties when it comes to contract tracing for the sake of public health? 

About the Series

These questions have emerged at a particular crisis moment, but have a much more enduring effect on the way we think about creating a society that protects the health, dignity, and human rights of all people.

T’ruah has brought together eight people with expertise in halacha, Jewish thought, ethics, and history, with strong touch points to the lived experience of the Jewish community and communities with whom our destinies are interconnected, to embark together over the next three months on a process of deep learning and discernment.

Together, contributors to this project will produce papers that will offer guidelines for Jewish individuals and communities to approach distinct ethical questions that have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. The published papers, and accompanying educational materials including source sheets, toolkits and video clips, will provide Jewish clergy and educators with guidelines for approaching these challenges grounded in deep Jewish wisdom.