Jewish learning Supporting Our Teens,
One Text at a Time

By Hebrew College

When I walk up Hebrew College’s winding steps each week, I feel proud: I’m proud of the listening and analytical skills I have learned that I apply in practically every part of my life; I’m proud of the ways I have grown, becoming a role model, just like those whom I admired back in eighth grade; and I’m proud and excited to continue walking through the world as a havruta member, carrying on this powerful tradition of deep learning, respect for those who have different perspectives and identities, and unequivocal support and appreciation for one another.

– An excerpt from a Teen Beit Midrash student's college essay

“How does a precious rock collection or an undying love of Abraham Lincoln build Jewish community for teens? One weeknight evening at Teen Beit Midrash at a time,” writes Director of the Teen Beit Midrash Rabba Claudia Marbach in eJewish Philanthropy. Marbach considers the state of Jewish teen learning and TBM’s creative programming in her latest article.

The article was written as a response to “The Transformative Torah of ‘Ordinary People’” by Rabbi Joshua Rabin.

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