Young Judaea

Young Judea studentsYoung Judaea Year Course provides a year of immersive and intentional educational experiences. The program consists of three major components; service learning and volunteer/internship placements in the city of Tel Aviv and surrounding area, academic studies in Jerusalem, and regular seminars that enable participants to explore Israeli society, culture, nature, politics, and history.

Every experience is curated through the prism of Young Judaea’s educational principles known as the “Five Pillars”. These foundational principles form the backbone of all learning that takes place at every level of programming, regardless of location, or length. The pillars are as follows: Zionism, Jewish Identity, Pluralism, Social Action, and Peer Leadership.

Learn Hebrew through Ulpan

Hebrew College Ulpan is an immersion language program that teaches grammar, reading comprehension, and conversation skills. Ulpan brings Hebrew to life through discussions of contemporary political, social, and cultural topics, and readings drawn from current Israeli news and social commentary.

Ulpan is offered on online through ten levels of study, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Learn about our Ulpan offerings and figure out what level is right for you. 

Me’ah Select

Winter/Spring Semester 2023

We invite you to use our new course catalog to explore courses. Now you can search by instructor, subject, location and more.

NOTE: Every semester, our Me’ah team works closely with groups who want to learn together, offering them unique course topics that meet their interest. If you have a group of learners, from a synagogue, organization or just friends, who may wish to learn together and have a course designed to fit your specific interests, please contact us at and we would be happy to work with you!

Open Circle Jewish Learning

Find meaning and community in Jewish sources of wisdom through personal conversations via virtual or in-person living rooms, synagogues, and community centers throughout the Greater Boston Area.

Create your own learning circle on any topic of your choice with friends and fellow community members, or even a favorite instructor. Hebrew College is a pluralistic institution. All learners are welcome, regardless of religious background.

We are delighted that you are interested in studying with Hebrew College’s Adult Learning program and look forward to your joining our learning community. Guided by our commitment to the values of derekh eretz (ethical living), shmirat halashon  (guarding of language), and kavod habri’ot (respect of all people), we expect Hebrew College Adult Learning students to participate in our classes in a respectful manner, and be mindful of the time and learning needs of other students and instructors during in-person and remote learning.

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We invite you to use our new course catalog to explore courses. Now you can search by instructor, subject, location and more.