Short Torah Teachings Kavanah in 60

By Hebrew College
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Welcome to Kavanah in 60

Kavanah in 60 is a new Hebrew College digital series where we share “short teachings” (~60 seconds) by our rabbinical students coinciding with Jewish and secular holidays. Stay tuned for more and subscribe to our YouTube channel for notifications about future videos.

Alex GoldfarbplayButton
Rosh Hodesh Adar I 5784: Kavanah in 60 with Alex Goldfarb
Hanukkah 2023/5784: Kavanah in 60 with Heather Renetzky
Morgan FigaplayButton
Simchat Torah 2023/5784: Kavanah in 60 with Morgan Figa
Naomi Gurt LindplayButton
Sukkot 2023/5784: Kavanah in 60 with Naomi Gurt Lind
Yom Kippur 2023/5784 in 60 with Allen Lipson
Rosh Hashanah 2023/5784 in 60 with Sarah Pollack
Rosh Hodesh Elul 5784 with Deborah Anstandig
Yom HaShoah 2023/5784 in 60 with Josh Greenberg
Pesach 2023/5783 in 60 with Julia Spiegal
Pesach 2023/5783 in 60 with Danny Stein
Purim 2023/5783 in 60 with Elyse Pincus Abrahams
Tu B'Shvat 2023/5783 in 60 with Chaim Spaulding
lisa feldplayButton
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2023 in 60 with Lisa Feld
Secular new Year 2023 in 60 with Deborah Anstandig
Chanukah 2022/5783 in 60 with Emmanuel Cantor
Naomi Gurt LindplayButton
Thanksgiving 2022 in 60 with Naomi Gurt Lind
Election Day 2022 in 60 with Danny Stein
Yom Kippur 2022/5783 with Aaron Wander
rafi ellensonplayButton
Sukkot 2022/5783 in 60 with Rafi Ellenson

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