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Community Blog Finding Spiritual Direction

By Hebrew College

It has become commonplace for religious communities to work together to accomplish “broad acts of social justice and thoughtful civic collaboration” when communities face social/political challenges and tragedies, notes Dr. Roslyn G. Weiner, a spiritual director at Hebrew College and author of Seeking in the Company of Others: The Wisdom of Group Spiritual Direction. “I was curious whether these groups ever did ‘God talk’ with each other,” she continued. 

Equipped with this question, this past fall Dr. Weiner convened and facilitated an interreligious spiritual direction group of future Jewish and Christian clergy from Hebrew College and Boston University School of Theology. Rabbi Or Rose, Founder & Director of the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership at Hebrew College, described Weiner’s interreligious work as “transformative for many in our communities.”

book coverIn her new book Seeking in the Company of Others, Weiner shares wisdom garnered from nearly two decades of group spiritual direction. The students were “invited to cultivate awareness of the sacred stirrings in [their] everyday life in the company of other seekers.” Weiner asks, “If clergy-to-be acquired relevant tools to assist in these conversations, might they share them once ordained and provide spiritual/religious leadership in interreligious settings and within their own religious communities?”

To delve into some of these questions and celebrate the publication of Seeking in the Company of Others: The Wisdom of Group Spiritual Direction, Hebrew College will welcome Weiner for a special online event on March 23 from 7-8:30 p.m. (EST). Joining Weiner will be Dr. Claire Wolfteich, Professor of Practical Theology and Spiritual Studies of the Boston University School of Theology, who will be commenting on the use of this group work in Interfaith settings and from different faith perspectives. 

Roz Weiner“We are honored to sponsor this upcoming Zoom event, as Dr. Weiner (right) is a trusted colleague and spiritual guide,” said Rabbi Rose, who will moderate the conversation. He added, “This is an important context in which to explore our similarities and differences as spiritual seekers and bridge-builders.”

Learn more and register for the online event on Hebrew College’s website. Learn more about the Miller Center for Interreligious Learning & Leadership at Hebrew College.

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