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We live in a changing Jewish world. Patterns of Jewish identification and involvement are shifting. Old paradigms are being called into question. Individuals are searching for new ways of connecting to one another and to Jewish life.

A vibrant Jewish future is dependent on rabbis who can:

  • Speak a contemporary spiritual language that is both authentic and accessible.
  • Teach a Judaism that is relevant to the great challenges facing humanity in this century.
  • Create vibrant and welcoming communities where all types of Jews and their families can feel at home.

The Rabbinical School of Hebrew College is uniquely positioned to meet this need. Within our supportive, pluralistic community, we enable our students to:

  • Find their voice as they cultivate an honest, authentic expression of Judaism and develop a nourishing personal Jewish spiritual practice.
  • Drink deeply from the well of Jewish tradition through our vibrant beit midrash, traditional and creative tefillah and academically rigorous courses.
  • Shape their professional growth through numerous specialization options (including a new Certificate in Spirituality and Social Justice Leadership) so they can bring their rabbinic vision to life.

Join us as we help create a Judaism for the 21st century.

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A Career with Meaning

Whether you are just starting out or looking for a career change to the rabbinate, Rabbi Dan Judson offers advice on the importance of choosing a career that feels useful and brings you meaning. Download his article for yourself or pass it on to family, friends and colleagues who may be exploring different career options.

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Program Administrator

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