gathering in cambridge for eser program

Supported by CJPEach year, Eser (Hebrew for the number 10) offers a different Top 10 theme to be explored during a learning series featuring small-group discussions and inspiring events.

When you attend an Eser series, you will learn with a dynamic young leader in a living-room setting and explore different aspects of Jewish life and culture through text-based study and meaningful conversation. Additionally, you will enjoy Shabbat meals and all-group events with other Boston area young adults in their 20s and 30s.


Try out an actual Eser learning session! Meet current participants and teachers, and get the scoop on this winter’s program at our upcoming Sip of Eser event on February 3rd  at 7pm at Caffe Aromi in Jamaica Plain, Mass. To RSVP email or click the image to the right.


Fee: $75 per person


Jenni Richton
Associate Director, Eser