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Open Circle Social Action

Join together with your peers to learn about the importance of the practice of tikkun olam (repair the world), tzedek (justice), and tzedakah (charity) in Jewish tradition; work with community organizers in local advocacy organizations; and make a difference through a meaningful social action activity on a specific theme. Classes start in May 2019. 

  • time 20s and 30s
  • location Community spaces and living rooms
  • duration Six Sessions
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We live in a moment of political uncertainty and, for many of us, intensified For both veteran and new activists, returning to Torah as a grounding center can provide inspiration, spiritual rejuvenation, and fruitful reflection. Many of the most pressing issues we face today begin with values questions, and having that conversation with our ancestors through Jewish texts across the centuries can help us clarify and articulate our own values; surprise us with new, valuable insights; and teach us the crucial skill of facing and engaging with challenging perspectives.

– Shani Rosenbaum, Open Circle Social Action instructor

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If you need additional information or have questions about registration, please contact Bernice Lerner, Dean of Adult Learning, at 617-559-8709 or blerner@hebrewcollege.edu.