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Master of Jewish Education

Building on Hebrew College’s long-standing tradition of training outstanding Jewish educators, the Master of Jewish Education Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines leadership for learning, pedagogic
application, and social and spiritual learning; supervised field experience; and an opportunity to become an iCenter Fellow for the teaching of Israel.

This Master of Jewish Education degree is ideal for educators with a passion for Jewish education, a commitment to teach students of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities, and a desire to strengthen Jewish community.

  • time For Jewish educators who want to transform their educational practice, at any point in their career.
  • location Courses are online, combining synchronous meetings with asynchronous work and assignments.
  • duration As few as 6 semesters. Financial aid available including scholarships for mid-career Jewish educators.
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Rabbi Dr. Michael Shire, Academic Director, MJED Program

Hebrew College is such a rich laboratory for spiritual exploration and searching, and it infects all the learning and the teaching that we do, and the community we inhabit together. The faculty, students, and staff find our ways in this very unique and special atmosphere that draws upon a deep and close reading of Jewish text of all types and sorts, along with a joyful celebration of life and practice.“

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the MJEd courses held online?
The Master of Jewish Education courses are 100% online, combining synchronous meetings with asynchronous work and assignments. Although the majority of classes will be held asynchronously, the curriculum and goals for each course are carefully considered in determining which classes in a course will be held at a specific, “live” time and which components of the class will be available on your own schedule.

Q: Are the GRE and/or TOEFL exams required?
The GRE and TOEFL exams are not required for acceptance to the Hebrew College MJEd degree. However, the College reserves the right to ask for a TOEFL exam if the application essays and/or interview do not indicate the level of English proficiency needed to succeed in graduate coursework. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, a competitive GPA, and all supporting application documents.

Q: How long will it take me to earn an MJEd degree?
This flexible, part-time MJEd degree from Hebrew College can be completed in as little as six semesters. In some cases, you will earn your degree in less time e.g. you have graduate transfer credits and/or with special approval for an accelerated track. It is also possible to use more than six semesters towards earning your degree if your personal and/or professional life is better suited to this approach.

Q: What is the cost of the MJEd program? What about financial aid and scholarships?
The cost of the MJEd program is $19,050 (without financial aid and/or scholarships).

Financial aid, including grants, loans, fellowships, and scholarships are available to those who meet the criteria. Financial aid decisions are based on both need and merit and reflect the College’s commitment to admit students regardless of financial need. An application for financial aid does not in any way affect a candidate’s application for admission.

Q: What is the Legacy Heritage Mid Career Fellowship and who is eligible?
If you have completed your undergraduate degree at least five years ago, have served in the Jewish community professionally for a minimum of three years, and work at a Jewish institution a minimum of 15 hours per week while pursuing your MJEd degree, you may be eligible for a generous tuition subsidy.

Q: In addition to tuition, what other fees and expenses should I anticipate?
Other than tuition, there is a registration fee of $120 per semester. You will also be responsible for all course books and materials.

Q: What if I want to “try out” the MJEd program at Hebrew College.
If you would like to test drive the MJEd program, you are invited to apply to one of our year-long Graduate Level Certificates. If you choose to apply and are accepted into the MJEd program before the approved deadline (approximately four weeks before the end of the year-long certificate) you will receive eight graduate credits to be applied to your MJEd degree.

Q: I am new to the Field of Jewish Education. Is this the right program for me?
The MJEd program at Hebrew College is designed for educators who are looking to be part of a vibrant pluralistic community and to deepen and transform their practice, at any point in their Jewish education career.

Q: How will this program help me in my career?
This program will give you greater insight into yourself as an educator as well as access to areas of interest that are becoming more and more mainstream. With an emphasis on instructional and educational leadership, along with Jewish spiritual development, you will tap into the emerging trends in the field. Combined with a one-year field experience placement in your home community, the MJEd degree expands the career possibilities for those seeking to lead change and design meaningful Jewish experiences in their current positions, or new opportunities in the field of Jewish education.

Q: How does this program compare with other programs in the field?
Learning in a vibrant, pluralistic community of learners is key to the Hebrew College MJEd approach. Pluralism is woven into all aspects of learning at Hebrew College, fostering understanding and respect for the myriad ways of being Jewish in the 21st century. This unique approach to Jewish living and learning opens the doors to a rich and robust study experience in the MJEd program.

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The application deadline for the Fall 2024 Cohort is July 15, 2024.