MaTaRoT Monthly Workshops: February

Magic Unlocked: Bringing Education to Life with Mystery, Play, and Storytelling
Instructor: Sari Kopitnikoff
Date: February 27, 2024
Time: 12 – 1pm
Cost: Free
Location: Zoom

For the last number of years, experiential educator and game designer Sari Kopitnikoff has been creating educational games and mystery experiences for learners of all ages on a host of topics. The games have been very successful – both in encouraging teamwork and building community as well as creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences. The games build on stories that are anchored in Jewish history and text but are fictionalized and allow for student interaction and creativity. Learn how to create such magic in your own learning environment. Discover the value of such learning, play one of Sari’s mystery games, and finally, learn the process of creating your own.

Micah Hart

Sari’s books, Sometimes When I Pray, Only Kidding!, My Davening Diary, My Escape from Egypt, and Jewmagine That!, have all made best-seller lists on Amazon. Order your copies here.

Check out Sari’s free educational packets, virtual games, and more. Click here.