Hebrew College and Hebrew at the Center: Short Course II

Registration for this course has now closed. Please contact Debrah Ron with any questions.

Teaching Language Form in Context – From Vocabulary and Grammar to Communication
Instructor: Dr. Rina Kreitman
Dates: 1/14/24 – 2/18/24
Time: 12pm – 1:30pm
Cost: $360/Prizmah School Network; $400/Outside Prizmah School Network
Location: Zoom

Since the shift from traditional approaches to language teaching to the communicative approach, teachers are sometimes lost in regards to how to introduce vocabulary and grammar in context, and whether grammar should, at all, play a part in language teaching. This course will survey different approaches to grammar and vocabulary teaching. In this course teachers will be introduced to the P.A.C.E model and to instructional activities and strategies on how to introduce and practice both grammar and vocabulary in the communicative classroom. #Hebrew Language Ed – Knowledge of the Language