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November 30, 2022 Writing the Other Half of the Jewish Bookshelf: Celebrating the Publication of Dirshuni—Contemporary Women’s Midrash

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An Evening With Tamar Biala, Rabbi Avi Killip and Rabbi Avi Strausberg

Dirshuni book cover

Join us on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. at Hebrew College for  an evening of study and conversation where we will explore the meaning of the project that seeks to expand our sacred texts.

Please join us in marking the publication of the English volume of Dirshunithe first-ever English edition of a historic collection of midrashim composed by Israeli women, which has been long-anticipated by multiple American audiences, including synagogues, rabbinical seminaries, adult learning programs, Jewish educators, and scholars of gender and religion.

Using the classical forms developed by the ancient rabbis, the contributors express their religious and moral thought and experience through innovative interpretations of scripture. The women writers, from all denominations and beyond, of all political stripes and ethnic backgrounds, contribute their Torah to fill the missing half of the sacred Jewish bookshelf. This book reflects dramatic changes in the agency of women in the world of religious writings.


Tamar Biala

Tamar Biala teaches in various Batei Midrash, rabbinical schools, and adult education programs in the US and Israel.
She co edited Volume 1 of the Hebrew – language edition of Dirshuni: Women’s Midrash with Nehama Weingarten Mintz and in 2018 edited volume 2. In 2022 she published an English volume Dirshuni – Contemporary Women’s Midrash (Brandeis University Press). Currently, with Yael Kanarek, she is working on the Toratah project of regendering the Hebrew bible Beittoratah.org.


Avi KillipRabbi Avi Killip `14  is the Executive Vice President at Hadar. A graduate of Hebrew College Rabbinical School, Avi also holds Bachelors and Masters from Brandeis University. She was a Wexner Graduate Fellow and a Schusterman Fellowship. Avi teaches as part of Hadar’s Faculty and is host of the Responsa Radio podcast.

Avi StrausbergRabbi Avi Strausberg `15 is the Senior Director of National Learning Initiatives at Hadar, and is based in Washington, DC. Previously, she served as the Director of Congregational Learning of Temple of Aaron in St. Paul, Minnesota. She received her rabbinic ordination and MJEd from Hebrew College  and is a Wexner Graduate Fellow. Avi has worked as a chaplain intern at Hebrew SeniorLife and organized an anti-trafficking campaign as a rabbinic fellow at T’ruah.

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