February 06, 2024 Update on the War in Israel with Educator & Guide Lyana Rotstein

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  • Date
  • time Eastern Time
  • location Hebrew College
    1860 Washington Street
    Newton, MA 02466
  • cost Free; registration required
  • organizer Hebrew College
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Join us on February 6 at 1:30 p.m. at Hebrew College when Israeli educator and guide Lyana Rotstein will update us on Israel’s war against Hamas, how it has impacted her family, community, and Israelis. Rotstein will take questions and:

  • Explain the conflict in the historical context of the Jewish people and the land of Israel,
  • Inspire us with the many volunteer efforts and bravery of the Israeli people and soldiers,
  • Describe how American Jewry is supporting Israel, and how global antisemitism affects Israelis as well, and
  • Give us tools to talk to people who may be influenced by biased anti-Israel reporting.

There is no charge to attend this event, however you will have an opportunity to make a donation to FIDF, JNF and other Israel Emergency Funds.

about the speaker

smiling IsraeliLyana Rotstein is an articulate public speaker and educator — an expert in the history of the Jewish people through biblical times and the connection to the land of Israel. She has guided and enlightened a wide variety of global leaders, congress people and senators, led community and national leadership missions, political groups, interfaith and intergenerational groups, among others to Israel.

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