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Conferences and Seminars

2019 Jewish Education Conference:

Blossoming | Pricha
Annual Hebrew College Jewish Education Conference

November 11, 2019 – 8:30am to 3:00pm | November 12, 2019 – 8:30am to 4:00pm

Designed for educators, professionals, clergy and lay-leaders (from novice to veteran) working with students and families of all ages in any Jewish setting. The conference focused on the blossoming of educators, professionals, students, families, organizations and the Jewish family. Attendees will examine questions such as:

  • What does it mean to blossom as educators working in Jewish organizations?
  • What are the recipes that will lead to blossoming?
  • How can educators inspire students to blossom to their full potential as humans and as Jews?
  • How can educators be nourished in order to blossom into inspiring and knowledgeable models for students?
  • How can Jewish organizations flourish?
  • How will all of it impact the Jewish family and the world?

Tuesday’s Keynote Speaker will be Avraham Infeld, passionate Jewish educator, thinker, leader, and author of A Passion for a People.

A full list of presenter bios and the conference schedule are provided below.

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Past Conferences

in celebration of Israel’s 70th birthday, Hebrew College will be holding an extended conference consisting of four days of learning between October 28th and 31st, with each day dedicated to different topics.

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Who are the “People,” which “Book” are we referring to, and what is the relationship between the two?

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Download the Conference Program PDF

We will explore ways to discover and appreciate the miracles in nature and the Jewish tradition, and the wonderful aspects of our students, their families, and their cultural diversity.

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Forming Connections for a Brighter, More Meaningful, Stronger Future. This year’s conference is designed to connect you as an individual and as an educator to other people, resources, and big ideas. According to Jewish tradition, our relationships can be categorized into three types of connections or relationships:Ben Adam Le’atzmo — Between a person and one’s self , Ben Adam Le’chavero — Between a person and others, and Ben Adam La’makom — Between a person and the Divine.

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New technologies are flooding the market, and new visual art and music are filling our lives constantly. Some creations make a larger impact than others. Do we allow ourselves, as educators, to create? Explore? Make mistakes? Improve? Grow? Partner with God? Do we, as educators, create an environment in our schools where our children can feel safe to create, explore and follow the example set for us in the first book of the Torah.

Contact Early Childhood Institute Director Rachel Raz for more information.

In a radically evolving world, where science, mathematics and technology are at the heart of that change, it is our duty more than ever to stimulate curiosity and engage children in taking an interest in their environment and the workings of nature. At the same time, it is very important to spiritually nourish and support them as they proceed on this journey.

Contact Early Childhood Institute Director Rachel Raz for more information.

Contact Early Childhood Institute Director Rachel Raz for more information.

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