Rev. Rob Schenck Repair and Repentance

By Rev. Rob Schenck

Evangelicals, like me, are often called “Bible Christians.” Reading, studying, and memorizing biblical passages are central to our faith and practice. Ipso facto, most of my coreligionists are conscious of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. However, they likely know less about how focused the season is on repentance.

For me, the start of this New Year is all about penitence. Twelve years ago, I broke from evangelical orthodoxy—theologically, socially, and politically—after seeing the injury my haughty moral certitude was doing to the world. After more than a 40-year odyssey through a religious landscape marked by misguided spiritual supremacy and contemptuous exclusion of the other, I embarked on a new journey that now includes naming those past transgressions and offenses. My plans to make restitution in the New Year(s) are just as important.

It seems the world could heal much more quickly if more people undertook the soulful exercises of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and those vitally essential days in between!

Rev. Rob Schenck, D.Min. is an ordained evangelical minister and a progressive voice of dissent in his religious community. Over a 40-year career, he has served as an addictions counselor, youth director, pastor, global humanitarian outreach worker, and a minister to top elected and appointed officials in Washington, DC. In the aftermath of 9/11, Schenck helped lead an unprecedented international dialogue between North American evangelical leaders and North African Islamic scholars. Shortly afterward, he was the subject of Abigail Disney’s Emmy Award-winning documentary, The Armor of Light. Schenck holds degrees in Bible and Theology, Religion, and Christian Ministry and a Doctor of Ministry in strategic leadership with a concentration in church and state. He has been a visiting academic at Oxford University where recently co-convened a historic colloquium on racialized Christian Nationalism. 

If you enjoyed Rev. Schenck’s teaching, consider joining us on October 15th at 7 pm at Hebrew College for “Religious Leadership & Public Repair.” This will be a conversation featuring Rev. Schenck, a progressive voice of dissent in his religious community, moderated by Rabbi Or Rose, Director of Hebrew College’s Miller Center for Interreligious Leadership & Learning. More information coming soon!

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