News Highlights Recent Publications by Rabbi Dan Judson

By Hebrew College
Rabbi Dan Judson

Hebrew College Provost Rabbi Dan Judson, PhD has had a prolific winter.

Judson and Lillian Leavitt co-wrote a Yiddish translation and analysis of a 1907 article from a Yiddish Zionist journal, “The Fanatical Dr. Kaufmann Kohler: A Reform Rabbis Writes About the ‘Purging’ of Three Hebrew Union College Professors for Being Zionists. ” The American Jewish Archives Journal LXXV, nos. 1 & 2 (2023). Read it here.

Judson also wrote a chapter in a book in honor of his rabbinical school professor and pioneer in the study of Jewish liturgy, Dr. Larry Hoffman, entitled
“A View From Outside the Denominations,” in Communities of Meaning: Conversations on Modern Jewish Life Inspired by Rabbi Larry Hoffman, ed. Lisa Grushcow and Joseph Skloot (Millburn, NJ: Behrman House, 2024).

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