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News Highlights Rabbi Danny Stein ’23 and Base UWS Volunteer in Rikers Jail

By Adam Zemel
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HC Rabbinical School alum Rabbi Danny Stein ‘23, rabbi of Base UWS, was recently featured in the New York Jewish Week’s article about Jewish outreach to the incarcerated community of Rikers Island Jail. Support from the Revson Foundation and the New York Jewish Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform has allowed Base UWS to organize “more than 60 volunteers to join services on Rikers,” and “subsidized the creation of a DOC siddur, or prayer book.”

“Part of the ecosystem I’ve tried to develop within Base is this idea that we care about justice issues, and we care about issues of compassion, not just because it’s a good to do in the world–which it is, of course–but because it’s actually a deeply religious concept to help bring immediate relief, or try to systemically create relief for others,” says Danny in the New York Jewish Week article.

Read more about the good work of Base UWS under Danny’s stewardship, and the complexity of providing pastoral support on a systemic level in New York’s largest jail, here.

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