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Master of Jewish Education


Are you an educator with a passion for transformative education? Hebrew College offers mid-career fellowships for our online Master of Jewish Education (MJEd) program. Fellows receive a one-quarter merit fellowship towards tuition, and may be eligible to receive additional need-based aid from Hebrew College.

Fellowship Eligibility

Our program combines deep learning with expert and supportive faculty, a cohort of classmates, and the combination of pedagogy, fieldwork, and practical tools to advance your career. Specifics include:

  • 36-credits
  • Part-time, three-year program
  • Online
  • Supervised field experience

Applicant Requirements

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree at least five years prior to beginning study at Hebrew College.
  • Prior work for at least three years as a professional serving the Jewish community, and continued work in such a position for the duration of the fellowship.
  • Availability to enroll for at least 12 credits per year for three years.
  • Working 15hrs/week as a professional in the Jewish community.
Andrea Kasper, MJEd`07, Head of School at Solomon Schecter Day School of Greater Hartford, CT

In my experience over the years as a teacher and head of a Jewish Day School, I can attest to the value of hiring educators with a Masters of Jewish Education. Not only do teachers with a Hebrew College MJEd have a solid understanding of educational theories and practice, but they also bring with them a commitment to social justice, to building meaningful, sustainable, and loving communities of learners, and to honoring both tradition and innovation. This value-based approach to education is woven into the DNA of the MJEd program.

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