News Highlights Hebrew College Receives Covenant Grant to Foster Spiritual Formation

By Sydney Gross
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Hebrew College has received a 2021 Ignition Grant from The Covenant Foundation to foster spiritual formation among future rabbis through the creation of a series of professional development workshops, student and faculty retreats, and a new introductory course.

The $19,750 one-year grant, entitled, “Spiritual Formation in Rabbinic Education,” will fund a new series of professional development workshops, enhance student and faculty retreats, and enable the creation of an introductory course to support students’ inner growth.


Hebrew College’s grant is part of $1.7 million given out by the Covenant Foundation this year to supporting the newest and most exciting ideas in Jewish education. Ignition grants provide up to $20,000 for one year to support new and untested approaches. The Foundation also provides Signature grants, which generally provide funding of up to $150,000 over three years. Since 1991, the Foundation has provided more than $39 million to support Jewish education in North America.  

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